Pharmaceutical products must be able to demonstrate perfect quality. Correct compliance with storage temperatures is an important prerequisite for the quality assurance of many pharmaceutical products. Check and document the profile of the ambient temperature with the help of Koollog data loggers and they make a crucial contribution to the verifiable preservation of product quality.

Most pharmaceuticals must be continuously transported at defined upper and lower temperature and humidity limit values, along with the entire supply chain. Control of the cold chain during delivery, protection from unnoticed gaps in the cold chain during the entire distribution path and monitor and document simply, securely and compliantly with all common standards, guidelines and regulations with koollog GPS data loggers


Accurate and reliable temperature monitoring is essential to maintaining proper food safety practices and to prevent the stock from spoiling. With Koollog products you can track the correct temperatures and humidity wherever you store raw materials and production, ensuring its longevity and safety.

Current guidelines state that refrigerators must be kept at 5ºC or below and freezers at -18ºC or below. It is imperative that commercial businesses dealing in food products and perishables keep stock at the required temperatures and methods for monitoring and control are addressed. However, you don’t need to be a large organisation to benefit from automated temperature monitoring systems. Koollog products can be used by small businesses and restaurant owners to ensure compliance with food safety regulations and to check kitchen appliances.


Temperature is one of the most monitored parameters across the spectrum of industries. Temperature measurement of the various industrial process is constantly recorded using various techniques. But often it is quite ignored, with almost no information passed on to different levels in a factory. Manual data recording is a very cumbersome process and often lead to errors, thereby compromising on the quality of the manufactured products.

Data loggers are normally more economical than chart recorders. They offer more flexibility and are available with multiple input points on a single unit. Koollog data loggers collect data and are directly transferred to the cloud, which delivers data to any location any time of your choice.


Koollog offers a complete wireless temperature monitoring solution for the healthcare industry. Our fully automated cloud platform makes it easy to monitor your entire healthcare operation so that you can focus on patient care, instead of manually logging critical data that is needed to comply with many regulatory requirements.

Pharmacy, Blood Bank, Plasma Bank, Laboratory, Operating theatre, CCU, ICU are some of the locations which are to be maintained at a specific temperature.


Leaving the industrial applications aside, there is a huge requirement for maintaining ambient temperature and humidity in almost all public services from rails, buses to malls and theatres where people gather in large numbers. This presents a great challenge to the manager and operators of these facilities.

Koollog data loggers offer quick solutions to such scenarios. With our data loggers, you can Record, Monitor and Track Temperature in Indoor, Outdoor, Wet and Dry Environments. These data can be used to maintain the HVAC system more optimised.